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Business Model- Turnkey Project Delivery

NLCT’s business model is to transfer cutting edge membrane technologies to the marketplace. It saves customers considerable time and cost to develop their own technologies, while allowing them to access NLCT’s excellent customer service and to update their production process based on NLCT’s latest advancement of manufacturing technology. 


NLCT’s technology development can be divided into 5 steps:

NLCT conducts applied research in membrane chemistry and process development with the goal to develop new generations of membranes to meet the requirements of different separation applications. It has pilot facilities for continuous membrane casting and coating experiments. The pilot units are for studying not only the continuous manufacturing process, but also equipment design and process scale-up for commercial production. NLCT's mature and reliable proprietary membrane technologies and strong technical support team guarantee successful completion of membrane manufacturing plants. Upon start-up of the manufacturing, NLCT continues to provide training and technical support to ensure that the full capacity of the plant is met. We believe that technology and service are equally significant to a successful turn-key technology transfer.                                                                                                     

  • NLCT designed equipment in a membrane manufacturing plants

  • NLCT's membrane technology successfully used in food processing plant​, chemical plants and water reclamation systems. 

Licensing NLCT's Technology for Commercial Production

 RO Membrane

  • Seawater membrane (SW)

  • Brackish water membrane (BW)

  • Ultra low pressure membrane (ULP)

  • Extreme low pressure membrane (XLP)

  • Fouling resistant membrane (FR)

NF Membrane​

  • High rejection NF membrane (NF-1)

  • High flux NF membrane (NF-2)

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