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About NLCT

NL Chemical Technology, located in Mount Prospect, IL, was founded by Dr. Norman N. Li in 1995. It is now a leading water treatment membrane technology company with a proven track record of providing its customers with state-of-the-art water treatment solutions by using advanced RO and NF membranes.

NL Chemical Technology Inc. (NLCT) was established in 1995. Since that time, it has been developing proprietary technologies of manufacturing all the major types of membranes, on commercial scale, for water treatment and desalination of sea water for licensing. Its proprietary technology makes high performance membranes having equivalent or better than industry standard performances.  These membranes are (1) RO membranes for seawater, brackish water, and high fouling resistance; and (2) NF membranes of varying salt rejection and flux.


NL Chemical Technology is also proud of its proprietary advanced multifunctional machine design and process technology along with membrane chemistry, process innovations, and integrated quality management system that will enable its customers to produce high performance membranes at low cost.


NLCT was founded by Dr. Norman Li, an internationally renowned scientist who has more than 40 years of experience in American chemical and petroleum industries. He was a senior scientist with Exxon Research and Engineering Co. and the director of research at UOP Co. and Honeywell Co. He is a member of the US National Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Academia Sinica in Taiwan.  He has 45 US patents and more than 100 technical papers, and has edited 20 books, all in the field of separation science and technology. Dr. Li was given the highest honor in the US chemical industry, the Perkin Medal.  His other honors include the Founders Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the highest honor given by the Institute, and the Alan S. Michaels Award from NAMS in 2011. He served as the president of NAMS (1991-1993) and chaired ICOM held in Chicago, 1990.

NLCT has:

  • A broad portfolio of water treatment membrane technologies to address the most demanding applications

  • Unique business model which allows for technology licensing and turn-key operation

  • Membrane technology that has been validated in commercial scale high volume manufacturing

  • Advanced membranes for high growth and attractive water treatment and desalination markets

  • World renowned scientists and experienced management and development teams

  • Long track record of continuous advancement in membrane technology and sustained profitability and stability

  • Quality of excellence using advanced Six Sigma techniques in management and production

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